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`MIT <>`_
Documentation Tool
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.. contents:: :local:
The 2spaces_on_gpu module implements the 2-spaces
algorithm on GPU (see Background information section).
algorithm on a GPU (see "Background Information" section).
This algorithm is designed to move one-half of the polymer
in one Monte-Carlo iteration.
It also preserves the excluded volume constraints.
I wrote a `OpenCL <>`_
implementation to be used on CPUs or GPUs.
An `OpenCL <>`_
implementation has been written so it can be used on CPUs or GPUs.
Purpose of Module
Polymer of size L is supposed to reach equilibrium
after a time like :math:`L^3`.
A polymer of size L is supposed to reach equilibrium
after a time of order :math:`L^3`.
Therefore, it could be difficult to study the equilibrium
properties of large polymers.
The 2-spaces algorithm already improves the efficient
of each Monte-Carlo by moving half of the polymer.
We can use the GPU units to take care one of the sub-move
among st the Monte-Carlo step.
The 2-spaces algorithm improves the efficiency
of each Monte-Carlo iteration by moving half of the polymer.
We can use the GPUs to take care of one of the sub-moves
in each Monte-Carlo step.
It is used in a scientific collaboration (ENS Lyon).
......@@ -65,12 +65,13 @@ for details about the method.
Building and Testing
I provide a simple make file as well as `OpenCL <>`_
I provide a simple ``Makefile`` as well as an
`OpenCL <>`_
kernel and main source code to run the model.
You need C++11 in order to use pseudo-random number generator.
Before the compilation you can clean the previous build
with "make mrproper" command.
Details about build, test and run are available on the
with the ``make mrproper`` command.
Details about building, testing and running the code is available in the
`2spaces_on_gpu GitLab repository <>`_.
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