Commit aee5133c authored by Alan O'Cais's avatar Alan O'Cais
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Merge branch 'allow_orphan_for_merge_request' into 'master'

Ignore exit code in CI for command

See merge request e-cam/E-CAM-Library!116
parents 1da86b65 b2f187f1
......@@ -10,7 +10,9 @@ spelling:
- find ./ -name "*.rst"|xargs -i grep -H orphan {}
# Report all the orphans but ignore the exit code
- find ./ -name "*.rst"|xargs -i grep -H orphan {} || true
# Now handle the error code
- if [ $(find ./ -name "*.rst"|xargs -i grep -H orphan {}|wc -l) -gt "1" ]; then $(exit 1); else $(exit 0); fi
- master
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