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Add module for ELPA easyblock

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Software Module Developed by
Micael Oliveira
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.. _elpa_easyblock:
Add ELPA easyblock to EasyBuild
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EasyBuild is used by a number of large HPC sites and integrating targeted support for ELPA ensures that those sites
use optimally built versions of ELPA.
Purpose of Module
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Automate the selection of appropriate configuration flags for ELPA within EasyBuild depending on the type of CPU and available features.
Include additional options as appropriate. Build single and double precision versions of ELPA and also ensure it is linked against the expected version of the linear algebra libraries.
Background Information
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EasyBuild is a software build and installation framework that allows you to manage (scientific) software on High
Performance Computing (HPC) systems in an efficient way. Full details on can be found in the
`EasyBuild documentation <>`_.
EasyBuild already had limited support for ELPA, this module allows for automated hardware specific configuration and optimisations.
Building and Testing
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To build the software requires EasyBuild (see
`installation instructions for EasyBuild here <>`_) and an
example build command would be:
eb ELPA-2018.11.001-intel-2019a.eb
Source Code
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There are two relevant Pull Requests in the main EasyBuild repositories:
.. Here are the URL references used (which is alternative method to the one described above)
.. _ReST:
.. _Sphinx:
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