Commit d1762dc0 authored by Alan O'Cais's avatar Alan O'Cais

Add issue template and build testing for documentation

parent 3e30fed7
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This issue refers to Merge Request (insert MR reference)
- [ ] Is the module documentation sufficiently detailed?
- [ ] Is it mergeable? (i.e., there should be no merge conflicts)
- [ ] Are the build instructions sufficient? (If not the MR should be updated)
- [ ] Did it pass the tests? (Are there unit/regression tests? Do they pass?)
- [ ] If it introduces new functionality, is it tested? (Unit tests?)
- [ ] Is it well formatted? (typos, line length, brackets,...)
- [ ] Is all new source code sufficiently documented? (functions, their arguments,...)
- [ ] Did it change any interfaces? Only additions are allowed without a major version increment (if >v1.0). Changing file formats also requires a major version number increment.
- [ ] Is the Copyright year up to date?
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