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How to contribute to this documentation
How to contribute?
This webpage is actually a repository of files that document application development efforts during the pilot projects
and Extended Software Development Workshops (ESDWs) of E-CAM. How you contribute will depend on whether you are an
attendee at and ESDW or working on a pilot project.
In both cases you will simply be adding a simple text file that uses ReST_ and we have prepared some examples to help
you get started:
* :ref:`example`
* :ref:`pilot`
You will find these examples within the repository of this documentation under the directory *modules*. You should make
a copy of the appropriate directory (renaming it).
Contribution Guidelines
GitLab account
......@@ -151,3 +167,4 @@ Now that everything is in sync, you can edit your update your files, when you ar
The Merge Request will now be automatically updated with the changed files.
.. _ReST:
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